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The Company

Coveract is the right mix of professional people who have got a long standing experience gained inside management level at the  FCA Group and young people who have a high level of competence and enthusiasm, able to guarantee  the development and the future of the Company. 
This mix of competence and enthusiasm, using risk assessment and process approach, allows us to achieve concrete and reliable projects in a far-sighted visions. Indeed we are able to operate under a wide range of services for Customers.



Our "Mission"

Our mission is to support the growth of business by transforming operations into optimized performance, while   respecting historical and environmental specificity. 





Primary objective


Ensure product compliance before shipment and give a decisive contribution to:

  • Control and technical support of Product Flows (Process Mapping, A.P.Q.P); 

  • Warehouses ,Incoming  Materials Acceptance, Metrology; 

  • Reception of gauges for dimensional measurements and assembly equipment; 

  • Semi-finished products (WIP); 

  • Final product - Scraps - Shipping;

  • Process Check and organization (Basic Motion Time Study, logistic supervision, training); 

  • Statistical Control (Process Capability and Stability); 

  • Problem Solving Techniques; 

  • Through the involvement of the whole Company people : Management, Supervisors and Employees. 


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