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Our Services

- CSL1: Parts selection, visual, dimensional and functional checks;
- CSL2: Certification of products conformity based on predefined control cycles;
- CSL3: In addition to all activities by CSL2, CSL3 gives support for a guided growth of the Supplier's Process and Control Plan, and therefore helps  Supplier in eliminating the root causes that led to the non-conformities found.

Various selections, (GP12 reinforced checks, simple repairs);

Product development
Technical support and validation of all phases related to:
- approval / qualification and possibly homologation of the product;
- suitability of control gauges, construction and m.a.p. equipment and molds;
A.P.Q.P. (Advanced Product Quality Planning):
- Structured methodology that provides the tools needed to highlight in advance critical issues during the product development process and to act for ensure product compliance with the customer's specifications, in timing and production capacity required;
Transfer of know-how
- Involvement of resources, on-the-job specialist training activities, related to the areas undergoing growth;
Skills development;
Logistic Support
- Consistency check between customer program and supplier production capacity, immediate management of emergencies, check level of plant saturations, coordination between the logistics organization and production;
Basic Motion Time Study, Preparation of Process Cycles
- Determination of costs expressed in times, optimization of work method and layout, identification of labor loss and reduction of processing costs, productivity increase.
Development and evaluation process
-- Verification and evaluation of production processes, according to ANFIA and / or similar checklist; Guided growth aimed at the organizational, managerial and technical improvement of production processes; Diagnosis and systematic management of product process anomalies with the help of FMEA techniques and problem solving.
- Technical-specialist interventions for metrology activities, laboratory;
- Measurement of equipment, molds, gauges
- Measurement of various parts in plastic, sheet metal, castings
- Measurement of mechanical parts with automatic programs
- Pre-series sampling
- Statistical process analysis
- Reverse Engineering
- 2D / 3D CAD design
- Creation of toolpaths
- Software training courses
- Check and fine-tune the quadrature of machine tools
Non-destructive checks
- Ultrasound
- Magnetoscopy
- Penetrant liquids
- Induced Currents
- Spectrometry
- Durometry
- metallurgical control using optical instruments;
- Check construction progress and m.a.p molds, assembly tools and control gauges;
ISO 9001 / ISO-TS 16949
- Implementation and organization of the Quality Management System up to certification; 




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